10-12 Hazanovich St., Tel Aviv

91 residential units in 2 separate buildings

Vitrines, Windows, All Glass

AW92, AW45

צלונים ונציאנים בין זכוכיות SL27MB בהפעלה חשמלית

Electrically operated Venetian shades between SL27MB glass

Vitrines, Windows, All Glass

AW92, AW45

91 residential units in 2 separate buildings

A prestigious project with quality of life in the vivid and lively part of Tel Aviv; on the border of the vibrant and colorful Florentine neighborhood, a residential complex was established, comprising two six- and seven-story buildings.

The combination of an urban, up-to-date and prestigious living experience required us to implement advanced functional systems such as the AW45 dry kip "Dolev" model, an AW92 sliding system for 400/275 cm large openings combined with an electrically operated Venetian shade between double-glazing. The entrances of the buildings were designed with elegant All Glass systems with maximum functionality and tin cladding.




Tel Aviv


Yuvalim Group


Gidi Bar Orian

Aluminum consultant: 

PCO Yoram and Michael Miron


Abu Ayash Brothers


Shalev Moryosef


Asaf Haber

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