Rotshtein's Commercial Center

6,500 m²

Screen walls, all-glass, claddings


12 מ"מ אקסטרה קליר / אנטיסאן אפור בשילוב הדפס נקודות בצבע לבן

12mm Extra Clear / Anti-Sun Grey combined with white dot print

Screen walls, all-glass, claddings


6,500 m²

The architecture of the Rotshtein's Commercial Center in Kadima Zoran corresponds to contemporary international trends accepted in the world's leading commercial centers. Using high-quality finishing materials such as glass and aluminum with a precise finish, which gives the entire space a state-of-the-art, welcoming and high-quality character.

In the project we incorporated a transparent elevator using a spider glass wall above a steel foundation and Alucobond cladding.

On the commercial fronts we implemented all-glass systems made of high-quality glass and we constructed "aircraft wing" aluminum awning systems above steel infrastructure for shading. On the ground floor meant for a clinic we designed and executed a model 8300 Regular "cube" screen wall, with special ceramic printed glass.

The entire skeleton of the building is covered by Alucobond panels starting from the parking floors and including two commercial floors. Throughout the work process, we made sure that there is compatibility and connection between the various and varied materials that we used in the project.




Kadima Tzoran


D. Rothstein Construction and Development Co., Ltd.


Barely Levitzky Kassif Architects


Landman Aluminum


Yaniv Mahli Management Coordination and Supervision


Omri Amsalem

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