Faculty of Social Welfare

Screen walls, windows, all glass, railings, coverings

SSG 8300, 4750, Balanced Door



Screen walls, windows, all glass, railings, coverings

SSG 8300, 4750, Balanced Door

The building of the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences is a "Research Cube". The Carmel ridge surroundings of the building are immersed in green and bring exceptional landscape qualities to the building - panoramic views to the north, west and south.

The design of the building is based on a typology that offers a series of researchers' rooms organized around a central space - an atrium, where four seminar rooms are located in which the student connects with his research. In these rooms we have incorporated All Glass systems, and along the open space between floors we have incorporated a system of glass railings for maximum safety. The atrium space is lit by natural light from the North, creating pleasant natural lighting in the central space throughout the day. The design of the building is a simple perforated cube. The cube configuration was made possible through the implementation of a 4750 model dry kip window system including a fixed bottom and an external aluminum sheet metal cladding around the window perimeter. The windows were mounted in different planes creating the special cube look. In order to maintain a quiet and subdued environment outside, we made a Structural 8300 SG screen wall including a functional electric sliding door.




Haifa University


Haifa University


Architect Gabi Schwartz – Schwartz Basnosof architects and city builders

Aluminum consultant: 

Samih Huri


Ram Aderet


Kidan Project Management


Omri Amsalem

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