Kiryat Yam Municipality

4,500 m²

Spinning door ,Screen Walls, Windows, Railing, Can

MATRIX 50 SG, U11h



Spinning door ,Screen Walls, Windows, Railing, Can

MATRIX 50 SG, U11h

4,500 m²

The new city hall was built in front of Eric Einstein Park located in the Kiryat Yam beach.
The building was designed to bring together all municipal departments as part of a broad urban renewal plan.

We had to adapt the planning and execution of this special project to the proximity to the Mediterranean coast of Kiryat Yam, with strict adherence to special technical requirements such as acoustic and thermal insulation, painting in a marine environment and corrosion prevention.
The new city hall building is part of a broad urban renewal plan in the city, and it was established in order to bring together the various municipal departments. The new and beautiful building overlooks the Eric Einstein Park located near the beach strip, and offers a spectacular view from the many windows of the building.
In the city hall we applied MATRIX 50SG type curtain walls, the profiles were specially painted with accents for a marine environment, the glasses selected in special sizes challenged our engineering and execution teams and were ordered in a special composition for acoustic insulation and in combination with SN63HT glass for thermal insulation.
In addition, we implemented separate and double Drykeep windows in the office rooms, and we made a full tin-clad steel roof in the entrance area of the building, an electric revolving door made by BOON EDAM and an all-glass covering for the elevator shaft in the inner lobby.
We are proud to deliver the project knowing that all users will be able to enjoy a quiet, safe, beautiful and aesthetic work environment.





Kiryat Yam


Municipality of Kiryat Yam


Fyvish Architects

Aluminum consultant: 

Bravo aluminum planning and consulting


Ram Aderet




Omri Amsalem, Guy Mador

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