Netanya Municipal Stadium

1,800 sq.m

Screen walls Cladding Green construction

SSG-V 8300, 4900

Stopsol classic grey

Stopsol classic grey

Screen walls Cladding Green construction

SSG-V 8300, 4900

1,800 sq.m

From an external view, a rounded facade is obtained which does not hint at the internal symmetrical structure. The facades of the building are characterized by clean surfaces on different levels, which produce a variable light line on one facade. The facades were made of modern materials such as aluminum sheet metal and screen walls designed and executed at different radiuses.

In the project, we incorporated an 8300 SSG-V screen wall system including concealed Kip windows that allow air to flow from the seafront to the interior of the building. In the visible concrete areas we made shade boxes combined with HPL panels made by Trespa Meteon. In the foreground open to the field, the stadium has a hosting lounge in the VIP stands and 17 elegant viewing booths, which are built from sliding doors both on the inside and outside. This solution allows convenient access to the booths to view games, and also noise insulation and thermal and acoustic sealing. On the ground floors we made screen walls including dozens of 4900 single-winged and dual-winged doors with enhanced panic and hinge mechanisms that allow hundreds of thousands of people per year to visit the stadium and enjoy the viewing experience.






Netanya Municipality


Goldschmidt Arditty Ben Nayim Architects

Aluminum consultant: 

Meir Zweighaft RIP


U. Dori Construction


Kidan Project Management


Omri Amsalem

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